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E-book: The Road to a Man’s Heart

E-book: The Road to a Man’s Heart Margus Vaher

Guidebook for Women

Love is the only alchemical element I know. The Road to a Man’s Heart describes both verbal and non-verbal tools women can use to make their man feel truly loved in a relationship. If you want to bring qualitative change into your relationship, you can achieve it most efficiently by setting an example for your man. By feeling and experiencing feminine love, empathy and tenderness, men find it easier to open up. They will receive, enjoy and reflect these feelings back to their partner.
– Margus Vaher

Women’s thoughts on the book:

This book was such a pleasure to read! It was written so eloquently. I had a silly smile on my face the whole time. There were moments where I was laughing heartily, but also moments where I had to wipe away tears. I loved how Margus was sincerely honest about himself and how he gave very colourful examples. It is a recommended (or actually, even a mandatory) read for both men and women. For me, this book was the biggest surprise of the year. Thank you, Margus!
– Epp Kärsin

The author has perfectly managed to put tragedy, romance and documentary into writing. I would recommend this book to both my best friend and my worst enemy as anyone can learn from it – both men and women, witches and princesses, young people and old people! Thank you for making me shed happy tears full of joy of recognition instead of the typical Estonian tears of sadness.
– Merilin Taimre aka Paljas Porgand

As a busy university student who has to go through a lot of dry literature, this book brought a lot of humour and laughter into my life. I realised I was relating to and opposing to your stories in turns. I even found myself secretly wiping away tears. In short, it was a complete emotional roller coaster. Thank you, Margus!
– Brigita Murutar

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