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The Guidebook of Good Sleep
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The Guidebook of Good Sleep Kene Vernik

Practical guidebook for overcoming insomnia

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The Guidebook of Good Sleep will help you improve the quality of one of your most important pastimes– sleep. The book is full of tips, techniques and exercises for restless sleepers. In addition to practical exercises, the book also includes theoretical information. Theory is an important part of this book as readers likely won’t be motivated enough to do these exercises without satisfactory explanation. All the exercises and techniques mentioned in the book have been proven with scientific studies. I chose to include techniques that I have learned and practiced myself.

I have been actively working in sleep medicine for nine years. My journey to sleep medicine began in 2006 when I was 21 years old. I was in my second year of psychology studies when I began working in the sleep department at Tartu University Hospital Psychiatric Clinic, which means I have been working in this field for 13 years. At the clinic, I acquired the practical skills of a sleep technologist and in 2016, I received a professional qualification from the European Sleep Medicine Committee. In addition to my specialty in sleep medicine, I received my Master’s degree in Psychology from University of Tartu as well as acquired education in the field of psychotherapies.

Kene Vernik

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