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The Art of Being a Woman

The Art of Being a Woman Katrin Saali Saul

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Every woman is born with a palette of healthy archetypes – The Girl, The Lover, The Chatelaine, and the Queen. Balance in this ancient code of womanhood brings along a balanced and wholesome life. Unfortunately, women often fall from the healthy archetypes to their shadow forms possessing either too much or too little of that particular energy. Archetypes and the shadow archetypes are like angels and demons of the female psyche.

„I wrote „The Art of Being a Woman” in hope that by acknowledging the shadows and expressing the healthy archetypes women can look at themselves from a new perspective and change their lives for better. Couldn’t some just be wise Queens, others happy Girls, homely Chatelaines or sensual Lovers? The answer is simple – the better a woman integrates her archetypes, the better she masters different situations in her life.” Katrin Saali Saul

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