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Matilda’s World

Matilda’s World Bertha Vilms

Children, creativity, nature

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Matilda’s World is a wonderful gift book for both younger and older nature enthusiasts.
Matilda is a seven-year-old curious girl who is head over heels in love with Estonian nature. Our family spends its summers in Noarootsi Parish in Lääne County. This might be one of the reasons Matilda prefers to explore forests and the seaside rather than to stay inside. She is also very crafty. She is able to create new things out of whatever she gets her hands on.

I am Matilda’s mother and I invite you to join us on a little journey through spring, summer, autumn and winter. On this trip, we will meet many bizarre creatures and see nature through a different lens. I think it is important to keep the childlike spirit alive within us, as it makes us better mothers and better people. I forget all about my everyday worries and chores when I’m in nature. Matilda and I can laugh heartily and live in a completely different world where we can engage in carefree, stress-free activities. We are best friends together.

Bertha Vilms

The most important goal of this book is to show people how to creatively spend time in nature with children. I must admit I was immediately fascinated by Matilda when she and her mother sent me pictures of her creations. I hadn’t seen something that impressive in a while. It is incredible to see how simple and natural resources can be used to craft wonderful items. The photos in the book are delightful to look at. There are definitely plenty of handicraft ideas for both children and adults.

Tiina Ristimets, publisher

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