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E-book: How to Stay Healthy

E-book: How to Stay Healthy Riina Raudsik

How to stay healthy in a changing and critical modern world? improving your health through bacterial diversity

One of the main questions today is how to stay healthy in the changing and critical modern world. The spread of viruses is certainly terrifying. Unfortunately, it is also understandable if we take a look at the changes related to our nature and climate and the impact human activity has on our environment.

There are a vast array of bacteria both in our bodies and in the external environment. Even though bacteria can be detected in people with inflammation, it is not necessarily the cause of inflammation. We must view the body as a whole. Bacteria serves many functions in the body. In addition to playing a central part in the function of the immune system, it also promotes digestion, neutralises medication and toxins, produces vitamins and hormones, supports bone mineralisation, stabilises cholesterol levels, etc. As bacteria in our bodies and in nature is destroyed, our society has increasingly been affected by autoimmune diseases – disorders that make our immune system our own enemy. Why are we destroying bacteria?

Is it possible to restore bacterial diversity in the soil, groundwater, rivers and seas and end the clear cutting of forests? Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

It is our decision whether or not humanity survives.
The situation is critical.

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