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Loving Yourself, Your Body And Food

Loving Yourself, Your Body And Food Simone Viidas, Ingel Prii

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Loving Yourself, Your Body and Food was born from our shared understanding of eating disorders we experienced in our teenage years.
As young girls, we all wish to be liked by everyone. However, comparing your body to others can lead you to unhealthy eating habits that can cause a lot of harm to your body. Remember that you are not alone. Getting to know your body and learning to love it takes time.

We have also tried out miracle diets and other silly tricks because we thought we needed to in order to deserve love from ourselves and other people. This past problem helped us to find our paths – today, we are working as a peer counsellor, nutritional therapist and fitness coach.

In this book, we have shared our honest experiences without sugarcoating it and have given tips on how to move on. Of course, the book also includes recipes for delicious dishes, without any calorie charts.

We hope that by sharing our experiences, we can help many teenage girls who are struggling with their self-image and weight. We also recommend this book to parents with young daughters – hopefully, this will help them notice and better understand the reasons many teenage girls start starving themselves.

– Simone and Ingel –

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