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Feed Your Health

Feed Your Health Liis Orav

Prevention of illnesses and recovery with the help of proper food and natural medicine

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Food is just one piece in the grand puzzle of health and happiness but also one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your body a restart. If an illness was a war, our immune system would be the army and food would serve as guns and ammunition. An imprisoned army, rusty guns and non-existent ammunition would not win anyone a war.
Both stem cell research and epigenetics have proved that health depends on our choices. Popular theory of genetic determinism that has prevailed for decades is fading into oblivion. However, drug-driven medicine has fostered a belief that health problems can be overcome by popping pills, not making lifestyle changes.

As they say: “the healthy have a thousand dreams, the sick just one.” Trust your own body and respect its messages. Feed your health!

Liis Orav learnt the healing properties of food through painful personal experiences. She has graduated Annely Soots Health School and has furthered her studies in the subject of natural healing, nutrigenomics, and biomedicine in various countries. She firmly believes that natural food; well-informed choices, good energy and positive attitude can move mountains.

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