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E-book: It is like it isn't

E-book: It is like it isn't Alan Adojaan

Travel-book with unbelievably crazy adventures - unopposed the funniest read of the year

In his debut novel “It is like it isn’t” describes Alan Adojaan his unbelievably crazy adventures, analyses his bizarre relationships and weird characters he meets along the way. He trips on those constantly somehow while travelling the world, looking for fun, love and business affairs. In the first part he dives into the unknown in Brazil and after loosing a million in a day, things are just starting to get out of hand. One mad situation follows the other. Alan hooks up with the vulgar jazz-diva, gangsters and an ass-courier, he organises a street-robbery in Rio, fights the monkeys on Cabo Frio, stumbles upon various dens of vice and risks his life. Surviving that madness comes a bit more stable period in Holland, where the author retreats to get his masters degree and calm down his crisis. Although satirical happenings are not leaving him there: he fights the pigeons and Dutch Railroad, burns his nerves with British cowzie and falls in love with an Italian girl. After getting his degree he flies back to Brazil and there is more action in that fabulous country full of funky people. This book takes You on a ride to a places and situations that normal person never happens, slaps with a good humour, contrariwise life philosophy and out of the box worldview. This is unopposed the funniest read of the year!
“Trotting between the black and white, at one point when becoming a world citizen, we understand that world has a lot of colors to offer. This book is full of colourful emotions and wonderful adventures.”
-Carmen Kass, Supermodel.-

“This book is for the days when people tell you to “go and buy yourself a life”. If you can’t afford, don’t have time or would not bother to buy it. But you still would want to know, feel, and see the real world. Comfortably, without leaving home. For those days buy Alan’s book.” -Kaur Kender, Most scandalous writer of the 90s of Estonia.-

“Alan writes on the first page that this is not a travel-book, not a road-movie, not a script, not a self-help book, autobiography, humoresque, love-story or deep self-analysis. But actually the book is all of that and much more!”
– Evelin Võigemast, An Actress –

“Alan Adojaan = Adventure! Stylish guy who dives into the unknown without fear. This action novel is full of quirky humour, catching and witty. It is exciting to experience the colours of Life through authors eyes and an unbelievable adventures.”
– Ingrid Peek, The Head of National Radio.-

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